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Introducing Vuly Trampolines

Take the “is the safe” out of the conversation when considering to buy a Trampoline. Vuly Trampolines now makes this possible! A little background on Vuly. Vuly is an Australian company that has recently begun selling trampolines in the United States. Their designers set out to build the worlds strongest and safest residential trampoline. To do this and not compromise performance would require thinking outside the box.

Since we started the conversation off with safety, lets start there. The two biggest concerns regarding trampoline safety is the safety enclosure and the spring area. When it comes to safety, lets just say that not having a safety enclose is not an option. Vuly’s safety enclosure on their Thunder line of trampolines is integrated directly into the trampoline itself.

There is zero chance of your child falling out of this safety enclosure where the trampoline connects. Another major difference is in the netting itself. Look below at the hole comparison between Vuly on the left and another leading manufacture on the right.

Now that you see how superior Vuly’s safety enclosure and integration is, lets look at the springs or lack there of them with regarding the Thunder model. Instead of using traditional springs that kids can fall thru, Vuly opted for a leaf spring. What is a leaf spring you ask?

Leaf springs are integrated into the base of the trampoline. Obviously there is a safety advantage but this also provides a seamless and effortless bounce. The leaf springs flex in a natural manner under the jump surface. This will give a truer bounce versus the traditional coil springs. The end result will provide for a more up and down bounce.

We currently offers the entire line of Vuly products including the Thunder Series, Vuly2 Series and all accessories.